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What Exactly is Mentoring?
Do I really need it?

save time and money by investing in yourself

How long would it take you to read hundreds of books?
Coach hundreds of clients from around the world?
Develop and test strategies, workshops, and programs?

Can you be successful and have a rich and rewarding career without working with a mentor? Of course! But having access to decades of experience from someone who has traveled ahead on a similar journey can dramatically reduce the amount of time, effort and expense it takes to get you there. Investing in a mentor is an investment in yourself and your future–allowing you to better reach and support today’s youth & families.

Rob also takes a very coach-like approach with his mentees–ensuring all actions are tailor-fit to meet the individual needs, preferences and values of his clients. He’ll challenge, encourage, question, share and teach when needed, but what you choose to do or not do is completely up to you.

on-going or on-demand

Interesting in a longer-term mentoring relationship–helping you to establish a solid foundation on which to grow your practice or skills? Or perhaps you are looking for on-demand support to help overcome current specific roadblocks or add additional skills to your repertoire? Whether you prefer regularly scheduled sessions or having a mentor “on-call” when needed, working with Rob may be the answer to your quest.

working with Rob

Rob works 1-on-1 with only a couple coaches each year. To explore the possibility of working with Rob, schedule a free consultation.

What Rob Can Help You With

Visioning & Planning

Workshop Development


Strengthening Skills