Professional Coaching 

for youth, families & Others

Rob’s Coaching journey

Rob studied and completed his training (Certified Professional Coach Program) through the International Coach Academy (ICA) in 2006. He then went on to earn his PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credential through the International Coach Federation (ICF). In 2008, he founded Youth Coach Canada (non-profit) and in 2010, Youth Coach Global–the center for his coaching and programs today.

Rob’s client list spans the globe–supporting youth, families and organizations around the world. Offering private and group coaching, as well as coaching-based programs, Rob is passionate about empowering today’s youth & families–helping them live lives they LOVE!

Rob’s Approach to Coaching

Rob trained and teaches “pure coaching” fundamentals, as defined by the ICF. However, he most often contracts with clients for “blended coaching”–allowing him to blend pure coaching fundamentals with his own experience, knowledge and strategies.

A pioneer in Youth Coaching, Rob has developed the five pillar “WayFinder System” which is at the heart of all his work and client successes. Building upon research in positive psychology, neurobiology, and personal development, Rob’s approach helps youth understand the power of story (Mighty Mindset Mastery), how to create powerful visions of success (Success Mapping), leverage their unique strengths, talents, etc. (Strengths & Styles Discovery), improve control of their emotions, focus, and time (Strategic Action Secrets), and harness the power of reflection (Strategic Review & Celebrations). 

working with Rob

Rob works 1-on-1 with a limited number of clients each year. To explore the possibility of working with Rob, schedule a free consultation and/or visit Youth Coach Global for more information & rates.